Friday, 31 July 2009

Acai Berry talk - Does Acai really work?

What is the Acai Berry? What's all the fuss about? Lets take a look at the fact and fallacy involved.

What is the Acai Berry?
The Acai Berry(ah-sa-ee) grows in the Amazon region of Brazil, very popular locally as the pulp has it's own unique taste. Over the past 2-3 years the Acai berry has been promoted as a wonder fruit capable of curing ailments and improving sexual health in men.

Marketers of Acai berry products claim that acaĆ­ berry provides increased energy levels, improved digestion, detoxification, increased sexual performance, high fiber content,improved heart health, improved skin ,a sleep aid and reduced dangerous chloresterol levels. Acai berry does have a very high antioxident level which promote health, more than cranberry, orange, and apple juice. Unverified claims include the reversal of diabetes and other chronic illnesses, Other claims include expanding the size of the penis and an increase in male sexual virility and sexual attraction to women.

Marketing hype
While there are many honest marketers and manufacturers on the internet, you will come across many 'cloned' affiliate blogs. They are quite easy to spot as they all look very similar, feature a housewife with a before and after picture who has lost x amount of weight in x amount of time and normally features two weight loss products. These are affiliates trying to promote their product.

Oprah and Dr Oz
This is from the official Oprah Winfrey website:- 'Oprah Winfrey and Dr.Oz do not and are not affiliated with or endorse any acai berry product ,online solicitation or company dealing in such products'. apparently their (Harpo) lawyers will persue companies that claim such an affiliation.

We need to put all the hype, negative and positive publicity to one side and just look at the supporting scientific evidence to date.

Antioxidants in acai berry

Comparative analysis reports indicates that acai berry has an intermediate antioxidant potency among 11 varieties of frozen juice pulps. This means that while the Acai berry has a very good antioxidant effect, there are other fruits that have simlar properties.A test involving three commercially available juice mixes containing percentages of acaĆ­ juice were compared for antioxidant capacity against red wine, tea, pomegranate juice and six types of pure fruit juice, , the average antioxidant capacity was ranked lower than that of pomegranate juice,red wine, concord grape juice,and blueberry juice ,The average was roughly equivalent to that of black cherry or cranberry juice, and was greater than that of tea,orange juice and apple juice.

  • Studies have demonstrated that blood antioxidant capacity increases within two hours of consuming a commercial acai berry juice. Here we have scientifically verifiable proof that the Acai works as an antioxidant.
  • A recent University of Florida study has shown the cancer fighting benefits of an extract from the acai berry. This extract has worked on cancer cells which have been unaffected by other therapies. In this test 86% of the cancer cells exposed to acai were destroyed.
Many manufacturers actually vary the amount of Acai berry extract in their products. Others add other extracts that are claimed to enhance the effect of the Acai berry, thus diluting the natural properties of the Acai berry.

It is clear that the Acai berry has some very beneficial properties and only time and more research will reveal more. The safest thing to do now is to ensure that if you actually choose the Acai for the benefits listed above, follow these rules.
  1. It has to be a 100% or a high as possible acai berry extract content.
  2. It should be pure and not mixed.
  3. The supplier should be reputable and provide some kind of money back guarantee or a free trial sample in case you feel that the product is not suitable for you.
I hope my research has been informative and will help you in your understanding of the Acai berry.